General List

In partnership with our suppliers, we secure and support continuous listings at the LCBO, an organization that purchases from suppliers located in over 70 countries for sales in its more than 600 retail and 200 agency stores in Ontario.

We review portfolios, aligning product with tenders. We create and advance applications and marketing plans, forecast quantities, and secure approvals. We manage inventories, transfers and replenishment. We simplify complex processes and maintain a focus on the goal of maximizing product throughput and sales.


We work with select suppliers to secure and support non-continuous listings at VINTAGES™, the fine wine and premium spirits business unit of the LCBO that lists and retails more than 5,000 new and unique products annually.

We review potential product and prepare applications in support of a preliminary LCBO taste test. On securing approvals, we manage inventories, transfers and replenishment. We simplify complex processes and focus our efforts on supporting and satisfying the purveyors of fine wine and premium spirits, and their customers. Our hard work, dedication and support has been recognized in 2013 and 2015 with the LCBO Elsie “Vintages Portfolio Award of Excellence”.   This Award is considered among the more prestigious awards of the Elsie’s.

Specialty Services

Our Specialty Services people manage consignment arrangements for private clients and the hospitality trades, including restaurants, hotels and banquet facilities, in accordance with the LCBO’s Specialty Services Program.

Specialty Services product typically includes rare, niche, collectible and special interest wines that are carefully sourced from suppliers in the world’s premier and emerging wine regions.

Representing more than 80 producers and servicing more than 700 Ontario restaurants, we manage ordering, inventory and delivery, simplifying and facilitating LCBO requirements on behalf of our discriminating and deserving clients.